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boutique wines sourced direct from the vineyard by us and brought
to you through Systembolaget’s ordering system


Our wine producers are and will always be small-scale, individual and knowledgeable,
with a regional distinctiveness, combining the best of traditional methods
with modern technology, innovation and love.


The wine world is in a state of considerable flux, for all sorts of reasons.
The climate is different, people’s tastes have changed and so has their knowledge,
older winemakers are handing over to a younger generation and worn old wine cellars
are being refitted with ultramodern equipment, tearing up the old rulebook almost everywhere. And customers have changed the wines they choose, too. The choice of wine
is more about the wine’s background and history than how much the bottle cost.
There is stiff competition in the globalised wine world, a world where the wines are getting better and better (ignoring the factory produced varieties). Taste is increasingly the crucial arbiter of whether or not a wine is good. The wine map is being redrawn and what used to be true can no longer be taken for granted. All this and more has opened the door for talented and knowledgeable newcomers to create exciting new wines.
Our job is to find these producers and bring the individual personalities and terroirs together under one roof, so you can enjoy the fruits of their labour. These are the wines that we believe will be the stars of tomorrow, for you to discover and drink now
or save for the future, at reasonable prices.


“It all comes down to a deep love of wine, and its ever-changing complexity and variety.”

Of course we love the taste of a good wine, but we also feel that a wine should be bold and memorable and live on in perpetuity.

A good wine opens up our senses and demands our attention, creating excitement and expectation.
The wine should be afforded as much respect as the person behind it.

The person who tends the unique soil and does their best to protect a sensitive process against the vagaries of wind, weather and fate.
A process in which the winemaker reveals their personality, philosophy and intent and to which they devote all their love and passion,
while also preserving the memory of those who came before.

I know this as a trained sommelier, but perhaps even more as a passionate wine lover.

And I want to spread the word that wine is the most exquisite accompaniment to food, but also just as good before and after.
It doesn’t have to cost the earth, and you don’t have to rely just on Grands Crus or Erstes Gewächs. I want people to be more adventurous and experimental, to understand the interplay between the winemaker, the soil and the grape variety.

To open a good bottle of wine and enjoy the taste of pure love.




Learn more about the grapes used to create our wines.


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